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    ElderDog Canada is a national registered charity (#832404057RR0001) dedicated to helping aging people, aging dogs and the important connection between them. ElderDog Canada is the only organization in the country providing free companion animal in-home support for seniors. They help seniors in the care and wellbeing of their dogs. They re-home older dogs who have lost their human companion due to illness, long-term care placement or death. They conduct and support research, and provide education, about the role of the human-animal bond in the health and wellbeing of seniors.

    Anyone who has shared life with a companion animal, or observed the significant role companion animals play in the health and wellbeing of seniors, knows the power of the human-animal bond. Research supports the importance of this bond and shows the many ways older adults benefit from this relationship. ElderDog's goal is to enable older adults, living at home with challenges affecting dog care, to continue to benefit from their relationship with their canine companions as long as possible. For seniors on a fixed income help could mean financial assistance with costs of veterinary care.

    Sadly, the physical bond between human and companion animal is all too often cut short. When moving into a retirement community or nursing home, many seniors are forced to leave behind their devoted companions. Often their dogs also are old and not so adoptable. ElderDog endeavors to find new homes for these loyal, old friends so they are able to live out their lives with the comfort and care they deserve.

    As a community-based charity, their work depends on the commitment of dedicated volunteers as well as support from community organizations of various kinds. The ElderDog organization believes there is a role for everyone to play in supporting the vital connection between seniors and their dogs. Whether working directly with seniors and their dogs, helping with fundraising, contributing to outreach and education, or working behind the scenes in some important capacity they welcome your involvement.

    They would like you to think about how you, as an individual, or as part of a community group might get involved in ElderDog's work. For more information; visit www.elderdog.ca.

    Sports Park Master Plan

    The City's Parks Department made a recommendation to include the Argyll Sports Park plan in budget allocations for 2018. The decision by Council went against the recommendation.

    When the City revisits the decision to restart the planning process our community will consult residents about participating in a new design process.

    Selected Documents regarding Argyll Issues

    This is a list of documents available for viewing by residents who would like a little history about our issues and the background on some of what is described above. The Park Master Plan, our Velodrome challenge, and the draft of the revised bylaws are all listed HERE. If you wish to comment or ask questions Dave Trautman is always available by e-mail.

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