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  • PlayGroup

    Playgroup is taking a break this winter and into the summer.

    Just a quick reminder, the Parent & Tot Playgroup runs on the last Friday of each month. Drop by anytime between 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon to play and visit. Seniors are welcome to drop by for tea too!

    This program is funded and sponsored by the community league and is run by volunteers. For information contact: Erin Raudebaugh 780.271.7118 who can answer your questions about PlayGroup.

    Social Events Committee

    This committee was formed in 2013 to initiate several community events for all residents. They held a Progressive Dinner in October 2013 and 2014 which was a huge success. They ran a successful End of Winter sledding party in March. And they coordinated the Playground BBQ in July. For Community Day 2014 they hosted a Pancake Breakfast in the parking lot of the Chinese Community Church which was well-attended.

    Electronic Mailing List

    Get event information sent to you by e-mail sooner.

    The EVENTS committee have set up an automated information mailing system for anyone who wishes to get direct information about events into their e-mail inbox. It requires people to sign up for it. The form is below.

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    The information collected will remain confidential and is not shared with any other organizations.

    Community Improvement Committee

    This committee conducted a survey of residents asking what sort of improvements we would like to see in Argyll. The results of this survey will guide our decision making for years to come. Projects for using our Casino funds is just one of the things this committee works on.

    There are many people involved who are trying to determine the priorities for our community as well as address funding our projects. Recently John Henoch stepped forward to chair the committee. Get in touch with the committee if you want to help them out.

    What is this page for?

    This is a page for finding details of the work being done by volunteers working within the committees of the community league.

    I hope to be able to put reports here from the activities of the committees as well as put announcements from the volunteers, appeals for participation, schedules for events, notices about meetings, and include some photographs and documents related to their activities.

    Committees serving the community league are all volunteer run with the sponsorship of the Community League. If you want to become involved with any of their activities and join them for meetings you can either show up at the time and place or contact the chairperson of the committee you are interested in. There are no membership requirements to serve on a committee and their activities will be open to any resident of Argyll.

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